A Chrome-Plated Ratcheting Spanner Customized For You

If you’re looking for the perfect spanner or wrench with a flexible and reversible head, you’ll love the U Wrench. This chrome vanadium ratcheting wrench would look beautiful on any wrench rack because of its high-shine finish. However, if a chrome finish isn’t your style no problem. The U Wrench is also available in a range of different coatings.
Extra long ratcheting ring wrench prices can be quite high, but when you choose the U Wrench you get a product which is competitively priced and is a German quality wrench. If you collect top quality wrenches already, you will definitely want to add the U Wrench to your Wrench holder.

Customizable Features

The U Wrench is fully customizable so you can create it with:

  • An offset box end, this design has a bend on each end that helps it to reach deeply countersunk nuts or bolts that you can't get at with sockets or standard wrenches.
  • A ring spanner loosener/fastener
  • A swivel head wrench feature.
  • A spline head wrench feature to service high tensile strength fasteners used widely on military and commercial aircraft and in heavy machinery applications where vibration is prevalent.
  • A vortex wrench head to tighten to the specified torque with absolute precision.
  • A 6PT wrench head.
  • A 12PT wrench head.
  • An E Type wrench head.
  • A star type wrench head.

Get Your Dream Ratcheting Wrench Now

A-Kraft Tools is a professional, innovative and reliable manufacturer of industrial grade hand tools. All our U Wrenches are manufactured from high quality chrome vanadium steel using techniques which comply with and often exceed international standards.
The dimensions for our U Wrench also correspond to DIN, ISO standards. The ring end of the wrench is equipped with a free corner drive profile to increase torque on the flanks of screw and nuts and prevent damage.