What is a Ratchet?

A ratchet has different parts – the handle, heads, release button, directional switch, drive tang, and retention ball.
The handle provides a comfortable, anti-slip grip to allow you to use the tool for longer periods without any strain. The head has a low profile for adequate clearance when fastening or loosening a bolt or nut. It also allows you to reach narrow and hard-to-reach areas of mechanical devices. The directional switch automatically adjusts the turning to the correct direction when fastening or tightening. The release button allows you to effortlessly release the socket after use.

Which Ratcheting Tool Do You Need?

Shop for all types of ratchets at A-KRAFT, including:

  • Reversible ratchet
  • Go-through ratchet
  • Push-through ratchet
  • Stubby type ratchet
  • Flex ratchet (flexible head)
  • Extendable ratchet
  • Square hole ratchet
  • And many more

Make Work Easier and Faster with Quality Ratchets

Top-Notch Performance

Our ratchet tools are constructed using first-rate steel for exceptional torque and rust resistance which prolongs its lifespan.

Unmatched Quality Control

A-KRAFT ratchets meet and even exceed DIN/ANSI international standards. Our stringent quality control program (highly applauded by our clients) guarantees precision and durability in our tools.

Great Aesthetics

Besides being reliable and durable, our ratcheting tools also come in ergonomic and aesthetic designs. They will look good in your tool kit and on your workbench.


Ratchets are perfect for the maintenance and assembly work of industrial machinery, electronic equipment, vehicles, motorbikes, and more. It can be used in a wide range of fields by engineers, car mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, builders, and more.

Order Your Ratchet Tools Online from A-KRAFT

A-KRAFT offers the best deals on all types of ratchets. Order from us today and get value for your money.

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