An Ergonomic Shape Screwdriver Range You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a strong and durable screwdriver to add to your screwdriver collection, you’ve come to the right place.
Here at A-Kraft we sell great quality screwdriver sets.
We’re innovative screwdriver manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. So, we build all our screwdrivers out of sturdy S2 material with heat treatment that enables our tools to tolerate more torque. We harden blades and satin finish our screwdrivers with black coated tips for corrosion protection. We can also integrate an optional hexagonal bolster. The hexagonal side, flat build of the handle helps to prevent the screwdrivers from uncontrolled rolling.

Extremely High Design and Build Quality

Another benefit of our build quality and design, is that we ensure the size of the handle affords advantageous space for high-speed rotary operation. We’re proud that instead of printing on our products the brand name is embossed to improve the longevity and value of our screwdrivers. A bottom hole on the handle makes hanging and storage even more convenient.
Another feature of our superior screwdriver handle, is that the three-component handle is made from two materials: the red part (hard) is made from PP material, and the black part (soft) is made from TPR material. That makes for a very comfortable and secure grip! All our screwdrivers are dual color with black tips.

Our Screwdriver types include:

  • Electrician screwdriver
  • Tamper screwdriver
  • Flexible screwdriver
  • Hexagonal Nut Driver
  • Phillips
  • Slotted
  • Pozidriv
  • TORX
  • S2 Screwdriver
  • TPR Handle Screwdriver
  • Hexagonal bolster screwdriver
  • Hexagonal nut driver

We also offer quick release screwdrivers, pick and hook and stubby type tools. Our bit type screwdriver sets (TX HEX PH PZ PD FD) are also extremely popular!

Find It Easily

We believe that you should be able to find all your tools fast, so we put a bright specification mark on the bottom of our screwdriver handle to speed up searching for the optimal screwdriver as you work.

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