Find All Types of Sockets

Hex Sockets

Hexagonal sockets have a square drive socket at one end, and a bi-hexagonal recessed socket head on the other end used to turn fasteners such as bolts and nuts. They are available in bi-hex/12 point sockets and hex/6 point sockets.

Spark Plug Socket

Spark plug sockets are used to remove or fit spark plugs from engines. They are available in various sizes: 13/16″, 5/8″, 21mm, 18mm, and 16mm.

Impact Socket

Impact sockets have less brittle and more ductile steel designed to deal with impact vibration and higher torque.

Pass-Through Sockets

Pass-through sockets are designed to allow long bolts to pass through them for easy removal/replacement of bolts.

Insulated Sockets

Insulated sockets have an insulation coating from electrical current. This coating (often red and yellow) is used widely with the screwdriver socket.

Socket Bits

Socket bits are a combination of a bit and a hex socket used to connect to a turning tool.

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