Under the leadership of an innovative and technology-rooted R&D team, we provide complete customized ODM and OEM services.


Precise processing technology and process planning provide customers with the most competitive products and prices.

Provide a full range of products

A-KRAFT TOOLS provides a full range of products to meet the diverse market needs of customers, from Sockets, Accessories, Ratchets, wrenches, sets and Cabinets.

Quality management

Our comprehensive quality management and investment in precision inspection equipment always ensure high quality and strengthen our customers' brand competitiveness.
“Over the years, we’ve continued to innovate, and invest in new equipment and inspection instruments. Guided by customer needs, and listening to the market, we’ve become the best partner for our customers”.

A-KRAFT offers Online Checking Service

Customers check updated prices, the status of shipments, orders, inventory., etc. through online service to get instant information so that they can avoid any lose of business opportunities.

Products recommended by ATOS ( Automatic Transmission Operating System ) enable customers to get the newest product information at any time anywhere.

Customer Satisfaction
Our high quality standards have won the trust and high satisfaction of customers