Quality Pliers for Professional and Industrial Uses

Pliers come in different shapes and sizes for a wide range of uses. Nonetheless, the fundamentals of the design remain the same – two lengths of steel riveted together to create a pivot, with handles on one side and clamps on the other.

Some pliers are used for cutting or twisting wire, some are used for gripping round items like rods and pipes, and others are designed for a combination of tasks. Because of their versatility, pliers can be used for many applications including electrical work, art and crafts, construction work, DIY, fishing, mechanical repairs, and so much more.

Make Work Easier with Top Quality Pliers

While pliers are simple hand tools that you can find in most hardware stores, A-KRAFT goes the extra mile to manufacture them using premium steel for efficiency and longevity. Depending on the task at hand, we have a wide range of pliers, including:

  • Combination Pliers
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • Mini Pliers
  • Electrician Pliers
  • Wire Stripping Pliers
  • Water Pump Pliers
  • European Type Pliers
  • Spring Loaded Pliers
  • Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Durable and Quality Functioning Pliers

Our pliers are easy to use, carry, and store. Some models come with quick-release buttons to lock and release the clamps in place.

We use quality materials (like nickel-chromium steel) when manufacturing our tools. This ensures you get durable and strong pliers. All our products are continually tested and evaluated to guarantee performance and durability.

Ergonomic Design
The ergonomic design features a comfortable handle to give you the perfect grip for comfort and extra torque.

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Looking for a quality pair of pliers? Look no further than A-KRAFT. We provide you with adaptable and multi-functional hand tools for any task.