Socket Sets

Smart Storage Solutions, Hand Socket Sets and Hand Tool Combination Sets

Our range of socket cases makes your auto repair kit or tool kit easy to store and access. Our range is diverse enough to meet every need. We provide a small set of sockets with storage included, for users who aren’t running a large commercial business. And, A-kRAFT Tools also makes larger sets with more pieces and versatility.
We also offer our customers storage solutions that enable your tool collection to grow.

Patented Portable Kits and Car Repair Sets

Our A-PRO, A-Plus, Expert, and CRYSTAL series of tool storage solutions offer unique and patented designs to our customers and resellers. They also offer better efficiency for end-users and are exclusive to A-Kraft Tools.
All our products meet international standards of DIN and ANSI and we provide complete customized ODM and OEM services for clients, including supply of our excellent storage products. Our socket sets are popular with professional tradesmen, mechanics and people who love DIY.

High-Quality Chrome Vanadium Steel

Our kits offer a drive for manual operation and are made of the best grade of chrome vanadium steel, ensuring they're as beautiful to look at as they’re enjoyable to use. Each part in a kit sits snugly in its own dedicated tray compartment.
Each of our cases also has a comfortable carry handle and multiple clips to ensure that the case remains securely closed.
Our professional socket sets deliver a lot of value to your business, (or your customer, if you are a reseller) because of the exceptional build quality but also because they’re packed with functionality.

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