Sockets & Tools Storages

Magnetic Holder Tool Storage

We make long-lasting, rugged tool storage for professional and industrial applications in a range of styles and sizes.
Whether you are getting business supplies for your own company or buying wholesale for resale, you and your end-users will love our tool storage products. Upgrade your toolbox with magnetic tool holder solutions and aluminum socket rail storage.
Our metal socket holders can keep everything tidy and organized too!
We’re proud to be a preferred supplier of hand tool importers, private brands, large-cap suppliers, distributors, automotive tool businesses, and trading companies. Join our long list of happy clients and browse our socket storage products now!

Metal Box Tool Chests and Other Solutions

Your workers or customers can keep all their tools in order and find them fast in our neat, convenient storage. You can also store sockets and accessories in our excellent rails, boxes, and trolleys.
Your end-users can prevent lost and wasted time searching for misplaced tools and easily rotate and identify the tool sizes needed. Our storage solutions are great for large and small businesses and even home workshops, but all our products have industrial level, professional build quality.
Open hole slots on both ends of our storage boards allow you to hang rails onto our tool boards for easy access and visibility.

Take Better Care of Your Tools and Make Them Easy To Find

Take a look at our selection of excellent and durable tool storage solutions for professionals and resellers.