Insulated Pliers & Screwdrivers

Insulated Tools Including VDE Pliers and VDE Screwdrivers

Our insulated pliers and screwdrivers are exceptionally high quality VDE tools. We’re a professional and reliable manufacturer of high quality 1000V tools and solutions. Explore our pliers and screwdrivers series now.
The pliers we manufacture have super-tough handles that can survive in extremely high temperatures, even up to to 70℃, heated for 168 hours. This is guaranteed by our scientific burning tests! That enables you to get optimum performance, extra comfort and work in complete safety.

High Quality Chrome Vanadium Steel Construction

We manufacture our pliers and screwdrivers from high quality chrome vanadium steel which is carefully tempered to achieve the optimal technical specifications and durability. We also build them with soft grip handles for maximum power and grip.
When it comes to screwdrivers, we’re equally precise and design the blades, then manufacture them from top quality S2 materials with heat treatment.

A Superior Handle For Superior Grip, Safety and Comfort

Our handles are made from dual materials. We use PP and TPR to prevent sliding and also resist chemical solvency.
You can see the tool specifications on every handle easily, because it’s added to the bottom of each tool making it easy to grab the one you need fast.
We understand that the more ergonomic and user-friendly the grip, the easier a tool is to work with. So, we designed all our tools with usability firmly in mind.
Our heavy duty insulated handles are made from a lightweight, reinforced plastic which is not only impact resistant and extremely strong but also has a soft tactile grip.

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