A-KRAFT has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 mark of recognition, which is a guarantee of absolute quality of all its production. Our commitment is to manufacture our products to International Standards and safety. All products are made to meet or exceed DIN standard.
Our quality department checks and maintains constantly our production.
Our Research and Development department ensures that new products can be offered to our customers to achieve their total satisfaction in selling A-Kraft's Products.


We take our responsibility towards our customers seriously. To make sure that our customers needs are always met, is our ultimate aim. We are committed to customer satisfaction


Growing sales each year and continuous support from our customers prove to us, that our reputation as a high quality socket manufacturer is the true belief of our customers.


We are proud to have achieved the confidence of our customers.
They prove it in giving us increased sales every year. We prove to our customers that they can rely upon us. Mutual confidence between customer and supplier is the most important subject to be maintained in a business relationship.